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Residential Remodeling
Residential Remodeling
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Commercial Renovaters

Everyone knows the saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover," but the reality is that the exterior is the first thing people see when they look at a building, and if it doesn't look appealing, it's likely they'll continue on their way.

As business owners, our clients know better than anyone how important it is to maintain the façade of their buildings, which is why they choose Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. for all their commercial renovation needs.

Maintaining a commercial building brings with it a whole set of challenges, but with a company like Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. it's as easy as can be. Whether your renovation project is intended to get your building up to code, or simply to make some aesthetic upgrades, Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. is here to help.

Why Us for Your Business Renovation Needs?

As with any construction project, commercial renovation is something that's best left to the professionals, but why choose Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. specifically? Here are just a few reasons:

Free, no obligation quotes

If you're interested in our services but want to find out more about our prices, simply ask us for a quote! There's no obligation to work with us, but by getting a quote you'll be able to see just how competitive our rates are. As a small company, we've worked hard to build lasting relationships with suppliers of high quality materials, and we pass our savings onto you.

Years of building experience

We're no amateurs! We have years of experience working in commercial renovation, and have the skills and equipment necessary to get the job done right, every time.

Fully licensed and bonded

Our team is licensed to perform any renovation work, and we're also bonded, meaning choosing Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. is a safe bet.

Honest, reliable service

We're committed to providing straightforward service, which means we'll never recommend something unless it's actually necessary for the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building. Your satisfaction and budget are incredibly important to us, so we won't try to push you to spend more than you need to.

Careful, efficient work

We take our time, but we won't waste yours. By working carefully yet efficiently, Alpha Contractors Group, Inc. is able to complete even the most complex of renovation jobs within the agreed upon timeline, so you can start enjoying your new commercial space even faster.